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Order your King Cake by February 28 for $28.  Regular price is $33.

Choose your filling:  Cream Cheese, Bavarian, Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple, or Cinnamon.

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 The History Behind Mardi Gras King Cakes!

The King Cake is believed to have originated in France around the 12th Century. These early Europeans celebrated the coming of the three wise men bearing gifts twelve days after Christmas calling it the feast of the Epiphany, Twelfth Night or King’s Day.

The main part of the celebration was the baking of a King Cake to honor the three Kings. The cakes were made circular to portray the circular route used by the Kings to get to the Christ Child and confuse King Herod, who was trying to follow the wise men so he could kill the Christ Child. In the early King Cakes, a bean, a pea, or a coin was hidden inside the cake. The person who got the hidden piece was declared King for the day, or was said to have good luck in the coming year.

In Louisiana, Twelfth Night also signifies the beginning of the carnival season, which ends on Mardi Gras Day. The beans, peas, and coins have been replaced by a small plastic baby to symbolize the Christ Child. The person who gets the baby is expected to carry on the carnival festivities by hosting the next King Cake party.



First Birthday Special

First birthday smash cakes are FREE with the purchase of a larger cake.  Send us a photo of your little one with their cake and get 10% off your next cake purchase. How sweet is that?

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